Aylsham 5k

Date: 07/06/2019

Location: Aylsham Market Place, NR11 6EL

Website: link

Details: A 5K race around the town of Aylsham. The community of Aylsham will be out in force to support and cheer on runners throughout the town. EPIC Norfolk is a Social Enterprise aimed at increasing physical activity levels amongst communities, all profits made from the race will be distributed to local community organisations.

Race Entry: £12.75 for race only or £25.75 for 8-week CouchTo5K + FREE race entry (CouchTo5k will be held at Aylsham Rec, Aylsham on Friday evenings at 6.30pm for 8-weeks leading up to the race – numbers will be limited). All entries include chip-timing and race medal.

All entrants must be at least 13 years or over.

Although the race will be run under UK Athletics Rules, it is not a UK Athletics Affiliated Race.

Race Time: 7.30pm, starting and finishing outside Aylsham Town Hall.

Facilities: Parking nearby, baggage storage and toilets all available at the race H.Q. There will also be refreshments and entertainment in the town centre.

Male: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
Female: 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Entries are non-refundable but transfers are available until midnight on 31/05/2019. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 19:30 pm
inc. admin fee £13.65
CouchTo5k 19:30 pm

Entrance limit reached for this race!

inc. admin fee £26.65
Name Club Wave
Esme Abbott City of Norwich Athletics Club 5k
Blessin Adams 5k
Amii Andrews Norwich Road Runners 5k
Matt Andrews North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Sam Appleyard-Smith 5k
Michael Armes Norwich Road Runners 5k
Nigel Arnold Bure Valley Harriers 5k
Martin Arnold 5k
Chris Baker 5k
Lucy Baker 5k
Karen Balcombe North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Kim Balls 5k
Sara Basey-Fisher 5k
Samantha Beales Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Amy Beck Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lauren Beer 5k
Stuart Bennett Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Joanna Berry Goyt Valley Striders 5k
Dianne Bird 5k
Adam Bishop 5k
Stuart Bizley Dereham Runners AC 5k
Callum Bowen-Jones 5k
Trudi Bradley 5k
Addam Brailey 5k
Ian Bray Norwich Road Runners 5k
Simon Brighten 5k
Keith Brighty Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Shirley Browell Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Ness Browne Team Dunerunner 5k
Michelle Bull 5k
Jennifer Burfoot Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Lynn Burrell 5k
Steven Burrell 5k
Linda Bygrave North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Natasha Carver 5k
Carrie Catchpole Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Kerry Clarke 5k
Amy Coby GoodGym Norwich 5k
Jonathan Cole 5k
Marc Coles Norwich Road Runners 5k
Dawn Collyer Norfolk Harriers 5k
Olivia Corfield 5k
Beth Cork 5k
Rowena Cove 5k
Robert Crockford Aylsham cycle centre 5k
Daniel Crowder 5k
Sandra Cushion 5k
Emma Davies Reepham Runners 5k
Peter Dawes 5k
Lorrain Dawson Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Brad Day 5k
Helen Dixon 5k
Robert Dodd 5k
Daniel Donovan 5k
Theresa Dooley Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Natalie Drake North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
George Durand 5k
Henry Durand North Norfolk Harriers AC 5k
Abigail Durand North Norfolk Harriers AC 5k
Mark Durkin 5k
Jude Durrant Fetch Everyone 5k
Annabelle Fisher 5k
Barry Foulser 5k
Sarah Freeman 5k
Matthew Freezer Dereham Runners AC 5k
Thomas Frosdick 5k
Graham Fryer Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Ruth Gainsford Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Helen Ganson Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Dudley Garner Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Martin Garrard 5k
Ben Gaskins Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Nicholas Gibbs Lonely Goat RC 5k
Olly Glasspoole 5k
Lisa Grand 5k
Gary Grand Norwich Road Runners 5k
Daniel Green 5k
Charlotte Green Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Lynn Greenfield 5k
James Greenfield 5k
Kirsty Grint Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Lucy Guttridge 5k
Helen Hagon North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Myles Hague 5k
Elizabeth Halford Norwich Good Gym 5k
Barry Halkyard Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Graham Hardingham Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Lucy Harrison Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Gemma Hedges 5k
Christine Herring 5k
Esme Hicks Norwich Road Runners 5k
Stephen Higgs Lonely Goat RC 5k
Garry Hobart North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Ashley Hobbs Norwich Road Runners 5k
Charlotte Lucy Hodgson 5k
Alan Holland 5k
Jess Holland 5k
Linda Homer 5k
William Howard 5k
Anne Jarrett 5k
Andrew Johns 5k
Vikki Johnson 5k
Sally Johnson 5k
Samantha Kimber 5k
Brendon King 5k
Rachael Kirkham Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Claire Knight 5k
Diane Lain Longdale Striders 5k
Karen Lambert 5k
Ann Ledsham-Darter 5k
Sue Lee 5k
Angie Lincoln-Kemp Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Thomas Lincoln-Kemp Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Oliver Loveless 5k
Susan Lowe 5k
Tanya Manners 5k
Melanie Manson GoodGym 5k
Sarah Marples 5k
Joanne Mason 5k
Emma McCann 5k
Linda Melton 5k
Keith Moore Dereham Runners AC 5k
Janice Moore Dereham Runners AC 5k
Dawn Mountain FiT2RuN 5k
Kate Muir 5k
Andrew Mulligan Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
John Neenan 5k
Warren Newell 5k
Philip Nicholson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Martin Nicholson 5k
Caitlin Nicholson 5k
Robert Organ GoodGym Norwich 5k
Michelle Parks 5k
Edward Porcher-Smith 5k
Natasha Powell City of Norwich Athletics Club 5k
Jayne Quinn 5k
Gregory Quinn Reepham Runners 5k
Wayne Ramsbottom Dereham Runners AC 5k
Donna Rankin Lonely Goat RC 5k
Debbie Rankin Red Lodge Runners 5k
Jessica Read 5k
Alison Read Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Daniel Read 5k
Stephen Reed 5k
Paul Richards 5k
Paul Richardson Dereham Runners AC 5k
Claire Riches Vegan Runners UK 5k
Emily Rivers GoodGym Norwich 5k
Sarah Roadley 5k
Alan Robertson 5k
Rachel Robson North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Graham Robson North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Jamie Roe 5k
Mel Seton 5k
Louise Sillett 5k
Clare Simmons 5k
David Simpson Aylsham cycle centre 5k
Harvey Simpson 5k
Paul Smith Norwich Road Runners 5k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars 5k
David Smith Lowestoft Road Runners 5k
Hayley Strivens 5k
Bethany Studd 5k
Jack Stuttle Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Paul Sullivan Norwich Road Runners 5k
Natasha Sumner North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Hattie Swain Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Liam Swift Longdale Striders 5k
Kareana Symonds Dereham Runners AC 5k
Memphis Symonds City of Norwich Athletics Club 5k
Mal Taylor 5k
Rob Taylor 5k
Hannah Taylor 5k
Louise Taylor 5k
Claire Taylor 5k
Emma Thomas 5k
Dave Thomas Norwich Road Runners 5k
Peter Thompson Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
David Thomson 5k
Fiona Tibbitt 5k
Karan Tipple 5k
Barry Tipple 5k
Michael Townsend 5k
Darren Tubby Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Susanne Turner 5k
Wendy Vacca 5k
Sam Ward Reepham Runners 5k
Paul Waters 5k
Philip Websdale Dereham Runners AC 5k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sara Westwood 5k
Lauren Westwood 5k
Kate Whitehead 5k
Julia Whiting 5k
Andrew Wicke Aylsham cycle centre 5k
Lucy Wicke Aylsham cycle centre 5k
Rebecca Wicks Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Christopher Wilde 5k
Fiona Williams Great Yarmouth Road Runners 5k
Brian Wilson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Sadie Woods 5k
Sharon Wright 5k
Leander Wymer 5k
Chris Yeates City of Norwich Athletics Club 5k
Tyrone Young Team Dunerunner 5k
Michelle Bell CouchTo5k
Jasmin Boughen CouchTo5k
Sean Cannon CouchTo5k
Victoria Crowe CouchTo5k
Anne Crowe CouchTo5k
Harriette Crowe CouchTo5k
Lynn Friel CouchTo5k
Graham Grant CouchTo5k
Nicola Hartley CouchTo5k
Kim Hick CouchTo5k
Lynne Janes CouchTo5k
Henry Layte CouchTo5k
Sascha Ley CouchTo5k
Alexander Skinner CouchTo5k
Catherine Townsend CouchTo5k
Emily Whiteley CouchTo5k
David Wymer CouchTo5k