Buxton 5k Fun Run

Date: 09/12/2018

Location: Buxton

Website: link

A multi terrain scenic run through beautiful countryside in December. There are prizes for the best fancy dress - adults and children, and also a raffle. All proceeds go to Autism Anglia.

This year's race takes place on Sunday, December 9th, with the main Fun Run starting at 10.30am, and the under-15s race starting at 11:15am. Entry will be £6 for attached club runners, £8 for unattached, with on the day entries being £2 extra.

Under-15s entries are taken on the day and are £2.

- All finishers will receive a Medal and Certificate.
- A Goodie Bag with Momento.
- Prizes for best Fancy Dress: Adults and Children.
- Quality Raffle with many prizes.

Entries are non-refundable but transfers are available until 02/12/2018. Login to transfer your entry.

Your current entrants

Race Options

Name/Distance Start time Entrants
5k 10:30 am
Affiliated £6.00
Unaffiliated £8.00
Name Club Wave
Teresa Abel Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Dougie Barber Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Angie Barker Runners next the sea 5k
Matty Bensley 5k
Marion Bensley Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Martin Bishop Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Clare Broughton Norwich Road Runners 5k
Esther Brown 5k
Michelle Bull 5k
Linda Bygrave North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Thomas Carey Norwich Road Runners 5k
Jodie Causer Norwich Road Runners 5k
John Causer Norwich Road Runners 5k
Shellie Chue Sang 5k
Trudy Cooper 5k
Jason Corner Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Sean Donoghue Longdale Striders 5k
Natalie Drake North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Nic Drake 5k
Kathryn Dulieu Tri-Anglia Triathlon Club 5k
Jude Durrant Fetch Everyone 5k
Jackie Eastaugh-king Norwich Road Runners 5k
John England Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Maureen England Great Yarmouth & District AC 5k
Samantha Faulkner Longdale Striders 5k
Lucy Fox Runners next the sea 5k
Graham Fryer Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Nicky Galwey-Woolston Norfolk Gazelles AC 5k
Karen Glenister 5k
Aaron Glenister 5k
Emma Godbold Norfolk Galloway Runners 5k
Elizabeth Goodliffe 5k
Lisa Grand 5k
Charlotte Green Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Debbie Hall Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Neil Hardingham 5k
Stacey Harper Norwich Road Runners 5k
Lucy Harrison Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Nicola Hartley 5k
Stephen Higgs Lonely Goat RC 5k
Adam Higgs 5k
Christopher High 5k
Garry Hobart North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
David Howes 5k
Nicola Ireson Run Mummy Run 5k
Warnes Jade 5k
Ian Jarvis 5k
Eleanor Jarvis Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Johnson 5k
Mike Jones 5k
Penny Jones 5k
Stuart Key 5k
Sue King Reepham Runners 5k
Rachael Kirkham Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Jason Knights 5k
Lisa Knights 5k
Kirsty Lack Runners next the sea 5k
Sarah Lanchbury Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Simon Lawler Longdale Striders 5k
Carolyn Lawler Longdale Striders 5k
Rachel Leighton 5k
Sarah Letzer Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Tanya Manser 5k
Kath Mason 5k
Clare McCrum 5k
Lucy Mccallum Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Claire Mingay 5k
Penny Murray Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Carl Neale North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
Philip Neave Bungay Black Dog RC 5k
Warren Newell 5k
Olivia Newstead Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Jennifer Norris Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Kelvin Norton Runners next the sea 5k
Alison Norton Runners next the sea 5k
Andy Oakley 5k
Chris Penn 5k
Sarah Potter 5k
Alex Potter 5k
Lisa Raby Longdale Striders 5k
Cameron Raven Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Alison Read Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Daniel Read 5k
Charlotte Reed Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Tracie Reynolds Lonely Goat RC 5k
Lucy Richardson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Paul Richardson Dereham Runners AC 5k
Lucy Ring Norwich Road Runners 5k
Mark Riseborough Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Claire Riseborough Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Sarah Roadley 5k
Lorraine Robertson Norwich Road Runners 5k
Claire Scott North Norfolk Beach Runners 5k
James Short Longdale Striders 5k
Becky Showell 5k
Susan Smith Longdale Striders 5k
Julian Smith Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Emily Spragge Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Bethany Studd 5k
Hattie Swain Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Miranda Taylor 5k
Dave Thomas Norwich Road Runners 5k
Kerri Tilson Longdale Striders 5k
Mark Townsend Norwich Road Runners 5k
Susanne Turner 5k
Ingrid Villalba 5k
Violet Vincent Coltishall Jaguars 5k
Michelle Ward Mxmr 5k
Vicky Wardrope 5k
Sandy Wells Longdale Striders/ GYDAC 5k
Barry Wells Norwich Road Runners 5k
Laura Weston Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Rebecca Wicks 5k
Libby Woodhouse Runners-next-the-Sea 5k
Tyrone Young Team Dunerunner 5k