Rag-it-Round Repps

Date: 24/11/2019

Location: Repps

Website: link

This is Dunerunner's 'almost famous' Trail/XC event, created on behalf of the village of Repps with Bastwick in the heart of the beautiful Norfolk Broads area.

The village asked Dunerunner if we could come up with something different for the village, something that hasn't been done before and would encourage people to visit and experience the wonderful landscape that the area has to offer - and we feel that the wondrous course of the 'Rag-it-Round Repps Trail/XC will do just that!

The course of around 11km starts at the newly refurbished Repps Village Hall, takes a lap of the playing field and then heads out across open fields and down to the river Thurne, where you will then pick up with the footpath which echoes the course of the River Thurne and you'll then venture into vast and open landscapes - this is what the Norfolk Broads are famous for - the vastness of the land and the Big Skies..!

This footpath hugs the course of river Thurne at every bend and around farmland - you'll get perfect views of windmills, boats, and not forgetting the endless wildlife that inhabits the area - Marsh Harriers, Otters, Kingfishers and not forgetting the hundreds of different breeds of wildfowl - this place really is a nature lovers paradise.